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Lautus Castings B.V. is very grateful to anounce the next course Hogere Gieterij Techniek 2020!

The Hogere Gieterij Techniek or HGT course has been organized by Hogeschool Utrecht for many years. However, it was decided at the end of 2018 to change this. It has been agreed in mutual consultation that Lautus Castings BV will continue this training ( in Dutch). Since 2006 we have been involved in the main subjects of this training to enable students to become a fully-fledged casting specialist. From the 2014/2015 course year, we have implemented a thorough reorganization and modernization at the request of the Hogeschool Utrecht. The content of the courses and the choice of teachers was established on our initiative. So now the organizational tasks are also transferred. This guarantees the continued existence and quality of this important knowledge training for the foundry industry and the manufacturing industry, which depends on it.
The HGT training consists of 27 subjects, subdivided into 8 subject areas and 2 practicals, taught by 12 subject experts, including 2 professors and 5 consultants with practical experience.The skilled teachers have already enthusiastically promised their cooperation!
It is now up to the business community to register employees, so that in 2020 we can train a new generation of casting specialists! For more information, see below link.


Please, register or ask for more information by sending an email to:

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